Business Update: August 2021

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Business Update: August 2021

I can’t believe we are already at the end of August. 

That’s more than 70% of 2021…

That’s crazy to think about right?! 

But, I won’t dwell too much on the time that’s past. 

It’s been a few months (…well a year) since my last monthly update. 

For a little while, I contemplated if I wanted to keep doing these, but I decided I will. 

It’s like a journal and I want to be able to look back to see what I’ve done as I and we continue to grow.

I think I’ll also add some stats to my recaps at the end of the year, too. What do you think? Leave a comment and let me know! 

Okay, enough rambling Ash. Time for the real update.

Before I jump into August, let me tell you a bit of what’s been going on these last few months. 

May 2021

In May, we finally had our dream wedding in Miami, FL. I’ll create a separate blog about the planning process, our amazing vendors, and share our photos and videos. 

June 2021

We closed on the home we have been building for months! A new home also means a lot of furniture shopping and projects to make it feel like ours. I’ll be sharing more of the behind-the-scenes on Youtube, Instagram, and Tik Tok (so if you’re not following me, now’s a good time so you won’t miss it). 

July 2021

We traveled to Mexico for our dream honeymoon and 1-year wedding anniversary celebration. That vacation was exactly what we needed after a year filled with planning, stress and a few tears. I’ll be posting a recap of the trip on Instagram! 

Monthly Update: August 2021

August was all about me getting back into the swing of creating new content and showcasing my new signature offer. Of course, I could have just jumped right into things, but I knew I wanted to take a slightly different approach in this new season for Grow With Ash. 

The 12-month coaching program that I have been a part of has just ended 

I started working with a content strategist.

I’m introducing a new format to my content 

And more…

But most importantly, I packaged up my new signature offer, The Marketing Concierge

This signature offer will be the only way to work with me 1:1 moving forward. I am so excited to see how much my future clients love it based on the feedback I have already received from past clients and the love I poured into this program. 

I knew I couldn’t showcase this new program to the world without a top-notch experience around it. So I focused on making sure the program and everything around it provided a 5-star experience for anyone that encountered it. 

So check out The Marketing Concierge and let me know what you think! 

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Marketing Strategist and Coach showing you how to live a fulfilling life while owning a prosperous business. Based in Austin, TX.

Marketing Strategist and Coach showing you how to live a fulfilling life while owning a prosperous business. Based in Austin, TX.