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A Farewell Letter to 2018

Dear 2018,

You were packed with lessons and new adventures. I can look back now and honestly say this was my foundational year. From really getting this website up and running, to landing a new job, graduating with my masters, moving to a brand new state, and really solidifying my freelance business – it was a hectic year.

I was able to start so much this year, that I am honestly excited for the years to come. A lot wouldn’t be possible without the progress made this year. I can look back at 2018 with no regrets.

2018 honestly flew by. It seems like just yesterday I was accepting a job offer to a Fortune 500 company. I remember frantically trying to find a new place to call home in a state I had never visited at any point in my life.

Moving away from my family, boyfriend, and friends was not easy at all. But, it was a much-needed push to get me out of my comfort zone.

Two months later, I completed my Master’s program and received my degree in Integrated Marketing Communication. Once I was done with school, I took a much needed mental break. This taught me a much-needed lesson in protecting my mental space and energy. I learned when to say no, how to determine if something was worth my time and energy and more importantly really map out how I wanted to grow. This led to a much need reorganization of how I would manage my career, Sincerely, Ash, freelancing, and life.

12 months, many iterations, hours of brainstorming, and countless plans and process maps have gotten me to this point. I launched a new website for my freelancing and portfolio and planned out brand new content.

Thank you 2018 for helping me set the foundation to grow in a way that I didn’t imagine I would a year ago.

Now it’s time for me to make 2019 as amazing as you were.

Ashley Mullings

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