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A Farewell Letter to 2019

Dear 2019,

Thank you for being a year of change. A year that pushed me to think outside the box and myself. A year filled with great memories, laughter, and precious moments. But, most importantly, it was another year filled with growth.

At this beginning of this year, I was a bit uncertain about where my career would take me. I was at the stage where I had learned my new role but needed to make sure I was looking ahead to the next step on the ladder. At the beginning of the year, I had no idea where or when that next step would be. I am happy to say that I am ending the year with more clarity. I know what my next move is, and it’s a move that is in motion thanks to the help of my peers and management team. The best part is, I feel like I have a say. I am dictating the progress of my career, not being told what is next or best for me.

I am immensely thankful for all the moments I was able to spend with my loved ones. My travel stats may look a bit insane to others:

  • I’ve been on 50 different planes this year (layovers add to this number)
  • I spent a weekend in Jamaica for my best friend’s bachelorette party
  • Visited over ten different cities

…the jet lag is real. But I look at that as practice for next year as I prepare for more international flights. Just fueling my wanderlust.

The biggest highlight of the year was my engagement (you can read more about it in my post “Life Update: I’m Engaged!”). Of course, that came with a few challenges like managing wedding planning, moving, and just adjusting to this new chapter in life.

This year wouldn’t be complete without a few lessons as well. This year I was reminded that it is okay to say no, especially if something does not align with your goals or direction. It’s also okay to let go of things that no longer fit. Things change, plans change, and it’s okay to say no. This way of thinking has allowed me to move with more intention and purpose, knowing that every action and decision aligns with the end goal.

I’m excited to enter the new year and decade with clarity and purpose. My goals for 2020 include spending more time growing this business (including increasing my website traffic, email list, Twitter, and Instagram followers). I do have other ventures that I will be participating in (oh the life of an entrepreneur), so I will be dedicating time to those projects as well.

Thank you, 2019, for being as amazing as you were. Cheers to 2020!

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Marketing Strategist and Coach showing you how to live a fulfilling life while owning a prosperous business. Based in Austin, TX.

Marketing Strategist and Coach showing you how to live a fulfilling life while owning a prosperous business. Based in Austin, TX.