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Growth Formula

The formula and framework behind everything I do.

It’s the core of my business and I hope you will one day make it the core of your business too.

Why? It’s the formula to grow your business.

This growth formula makes it a no-brainer. And, this formula can grow with your business, and elements within your business may change.

Let’s get into the most important parts of this framework: Your Goals and the Customer Journey.


Whenever I talk to my clients, the first thing I ask is “What are your goals?”. Some people may hate this question, but if you haven’t considered what your goals are, you are way behind!

Why? Your goals are to create something to look forward to, something to work towards. If you don’t have any goals then why are you doing anything in your business? Goals should be linked back to the why behind creating your business, so ultimately goals create a purpose.

Customer Journey

While your goals and purpose are your internal compass, your customers are your boss. That’s why part 2 of the formula is creating a journey based on the needs and wants of your ideal clients and customers. The customer journey is how you plan to get someone from simply being interested in your type of product or service to ready to book you and only you. Having a clear and cohesive journey is crucial to making sales or closing the deal. Without a clearly outlined journey, your ideal clients can get lost and end up at another business.

And that’s not what you want to happen.

The last 3 steps of the growth formula are important as well, but they cannot work without steps one AND two.

This is not an OR statement for a reason.

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