How to Get Free Stuff With Influenster

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How to Get Free Stuff With Influenster

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If you’re thinking about growing or starting a career as a content creator, then keep watching because I have a secret for you.

Hey! I’m Ash at Grow With Ash. Where I show you how to confidently grow a prosperous business while living a fulfilling life. If you’re new here don’t forget to like, comment, and subscribe. In this video, I’m going to be spilling all the secrets about Influenster, a great app, and platform if you want to start your career as a content creator.

What’s Influenster?

So first things first, what’s Influenster? Influenster is an app that lets you receive products for free in exchange for reviews, testimonials, and just completing different campaigns. So it’s a great app if you’re looking to get started as a content creator or influencer because it allows you to practice before you actually get those paid campaigns.

And Influenster doesn’t just focus on like specific types of products or anything. They have a wide variety ranging from like beauty products so that’s hair, makeup, food, health, and wellness type of products. Anything you can think of they have it.

So a lot of major brands use Influenster to test their products out get genuine reviews for it so again you’re not paid for it but of course, you are incentivized through the more campaigns you complete, then the more campaigns you get to be a part of.

The Benefits of Using Influenster

So let’s talk about a few more of the benefits. If you are very very very new like have not started in any capacity in content creation or influencing and you’re looking to grow your following but even just more so practice what it’s like to review products or receive products in exchange for your honest thoughts and opinions about it, then Influenster is a great place to start.

All of the campaigns are different. It’s not that you have to do the same thing every single time. It varies based on the product and the brand and things like that, but it gives you a chance to be creative. There’s no strict guidelines you have to follow beyond some of like the okay make sure you add this hashtag or you know include this tag or things like that. But as far as how you produce your content, you have 100 creative freedom.

So that’s the benefit of it being a platform that you’re not paid for the content that you’re producing. That way you can kind of practice see like what you would like to do what type of products you would be interested in reviewing or creating content around and things like that so it’s a great place to practice and like I said it’s also free meaning you don’t get paid nor is the brand getting paid to do it either they’re looking for genuine and honest feedback but also building more awareness about whatever their product is so sometimes they’ll launch a product secretly through Influenster first and then to the public a little while after.

Oh and if you’re scared of pitching to brands or you know you don’t exactly know what your rate should be yet this is a great way to build your portfolio because then you’re going to be able to say that you did work with these brands even though it was under influenster you’ll still have all that content to show that you did campaigns for those brands and you can show what you did so then as you’re building your portfolio using influence during the campaigns that you did then you can use that as leverage whenever you are going to or already to pitch to you know the bigger brands or like other brands for paid opportunities so it’s definitely a great way to get started it’s really easy to get started all you have to do is sign up which if you’re interested the link to do that is in the description box but once you are you know signed up and ready to go then it’s just a matter of like answering a few questions answering the surveys and then based on your interests and things that you know you build kind of in your profile then you’ll start getting recommended for the different what they call box boxes or campaigns

My Experience with Influenster

So I’ve been on Influenster for maybe four or five years now and I’ve gotten a ton of campaigns through them. When I first started my personal slash lifestyle blog that’s when I first signed up for Influenster. I actually forgot how I like learned about it. But I think I was just researching like different ways to partner with brands, happened to come across it decided to sign up and I’ve just been connected to it ever since.

In the beginning, it was a little so of course, because you kind of have to build your reputation so there is a social or impact score that you have and that’s based on like how many followers you have on different platforms there’s no minimum threshold for followers it’s just calculating like essentially what’s your reach and so, of course, I had to build that up over time and once I did and like kept answering the questions and building my profile more and more campaigns started coming my way at least especially within the last three months I will have multiple campaigns within the month so this month for example I have like seven and this that was the same last month I just keep getting the surveys to fill out and then that leads me into the next campaign and I just so happen to get multiple

So it’s kind of cool because you do get free stuff sometimes the stuff is worth it sometimes it’s it might be a miss just because it’s not like you’re talking directly to like a rep or something to make sure it’s personalized to you there is a little bit of a swing and a miss basically oh you almost had it you could be quicker than that but i’ve done some really cool campaigns like i’ve done um like on the health side i’ve done like different medicines which came in very handy when like i was sick once and my husband was sick or even just in general just making sure that we have medicine in the house like it’s kind of nice to just have stuff here you never know what you’re going to need i’ve done a variety of hair campaigns so like i’ve done cream of nature i actually have another one with cream cream of nature right now i’ve done makeup brands so like estee lauder clint olae harrison i think is how you pronounce that name sometimes you’ll get like very specific brand boxes and other times you might get what they call a voxbox which is a mixture of brands in there so i’ve gotten like a glam box which had like mascara and primer and like different things like that from different brands like benefit and all that i had one that was like all home essential so like clocks disinfectants things like that so as you can see like i’m naming like really big brands that are in there like they might be small little like sample sizes or something sometimes it is full-size products but it just varies based on whatever the brand needs at that time

But it is nice because then as I continue to do these campaigns then I can say like I have worked with these brands in some capacity and of course I can say through a partnership with Influenster and then as I build like my media kit or you know how I decide to pitch brands in the future then at least I have this experience under my belt and then I can show all the things that I did.

Influenster Unboxing

These are all my boxes for this month. Which seems like a lot but I’ll open one. Like this one.

And it’s a full-size bottle of worchestire sauce. I hope that’s how you say that.

But in each box, there’s a card that comes with it that’ll tell you kind of like a brief overview of what you have to do on the campaign. And like sometimes they might give ideas of what they hope to see so like they might just want like a close-up shot of the product or you actually using the product or something like that but usually, it just depends so


Like I said Influenster is not only just a great way to get free stuff. I mean who doesn’t like free stuff. But, it’s also a great way to get started and grow your career as a content creator or influencer. So if you’re thinking about doing that then I highly highly highly recommend looking into Influenster. As I said if you’re interested in signing up there will be a link in my description box that you can click and it will take you directly through all the steps to get started.

So I should probably add that I’m not being paid or sponsored to do this video at all but I just definitely do see the benefits of using Influenster. Especially if you’re trying to get started as a content creator or try to grow your career as a content creator or influencer. I’ve been using Influenster for years. As you can see I’ve grown quite a collection of boxes that I even have to complete. So I definitely see benefits of it and hope you do too. Definitely check out the link in my description box and I’ll see you in the next video!

What’s Next?

Are you interested in joining Influenster? You can use my referral link to sign up! It’s 100% free.

I was not financially compensated for this post. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.

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