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All My Clients Have Been Referrals or From Word of Mouth

The other day I was talking with a colleague, and they asked me how I gain new clients for my business. That’s when it hit me. Every client I have had in the past 5 years has been through a referral or word of mouth. No paid advertising, no listings on other sites, and no real web presence till recently.

It was a humbling realization, but it also showed the strength of your referral network. Do good work, and more work will come to you. That’s my motto.

I often get clients that think the key to more clients and high revenue is paid advertising and to have their business name everywhere.

The reality is, you can have your name plastered everywhere in flashing lights, but if you have a terrible customer experience, and you are not bringing value to your customers, that brand equity means nothing.

Always focus on how you can improve every touchpoint with your future and current clients. Make sure the scope of work is clear and they completely understand what you are offering. Lessen the confusion and make their life easier, I promise they will love you forever.

Word of mouth and referrals has carried my business this far, including generating repeat clients. As I enter the next phase of my business, I know it will continue to be my strongest source of clients.

At the end of every project, I send my clients a small survey to allow them to be candid with me. They can share what they loved most about our engagement, and areas where I can improve. This is crucial in the continued growth and creating a better experience for my future clients or if a past client decides to start a new project in the future.

I am always focusing on how I can help my clients grow, but how I can grow as well!

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